North Shore Living

The North Shore of Long Island or ‘the Gold Coast’ as it was nicknamed in the early 20th century stretches from the westernmost point of Great Neck to the eastern edges of Huntington. It remained a favorite retreat of the rich and famous starting at about the turn of the century and through the 1930's and was a virtual Who's Who of High Society. The Gold Coast was THE place to be for some of the most notable Americans thus reinforcing the iconic lore of the North Shore and its place in American history.

The North Shore is a blend of geographies’ and architectural styles. Winding tree-lined streets pass through picturesque hamlets where great turreted estates sit atop rolling hills; lovely cottages overlook sandy beaches and planned communities with their vibrant downtowns illustrate the hustle of busy suburban living. In all, discovering the right home and work/life balance is just a matter of where you are willing to search and put down roots. But regardless of where you are searching, the North Shore offers such an extensive array of academic, cultural, social, dining and shopping choices for residents and visitors alike. You can find more places to visit, shop and dine in our Gold Coast Guide and Neighborhoods pages.