Luxury Market Reports

Our expansive local area market reports are the bellwether of housing market information. The detailed charts are updated weekly with the latest real time data from our partner Altos Research, giving you the most accurate information about local housing activity and statistics.

We know that markets are local.  We also know that in a given place, at a given time, different price segments perform differently.  For example, Luxury high end homes at the top of the market might be stagnant and seeing major downward price pressures (or vice versa).  Most major indices ignore this fact and lump all market segments together to get at some sense of overall market trends.  We don't. 

In fact, we specifically monitor market activity in the Top Tier Quartile and the area as a whole. This gives you and us the ability to track even the smallest changes across the luxury sector with a particular town or village.

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We have simplified the process of delivering these reports to you by setting up an automatic reporting schedule that sends the information in a concise easy to read format directly to your email inbox each week. Subscribe below and you will receive a weekly customized housing analytics report.